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Our goal is to protect you.

After a comprehensive financial check and the recording of your individual situation, we´ll tell you which protection you really need, which protection is also important in your stage of life and convey you as - truly independent - fee based financial advisor need-based insurances.Following the motto "Customers do not want products, they want solutions" we compose an insurance and financial concept, in which all products work together. Our ultimate goal is to safeguard and protect you!

Gain an insight into our comprehensive range of service:

  • investment base insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • (private) health insurance
  • risk life insurance
  • other insurances (e.g. liability)



expats - insurance you really need

There are several things about money and insurance you should be aware of while being an expatriate in Germany.

Opening up a bank account or a an investment portfolio, getting pension from state and/ or your company, having a proper health and liability insurance etc. can be quite difficult and stressful to organize if you’re not aware of the regulations. We can help you with an individual designed strategy that includes everything you and your family needs so that you have as little as possible work to do. 

As a fee-based financial advisor we are 100% independent and „on your side“, which means that you will only get insurances and accounts you really need!

We will arrange things with the companies and support you fulfilling your financial plans. Your strategy can be short term as well as flexible enough if you decide to stay in Germany longterm.