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Answers to your financial questions

Our aim is your financial success. You will see, that there are many possibilities of investing.

After a risk profile and collecting data to your individual situation and wishes, we can tell you which investments you really needed and which ones are unnecessary. We´ll show you the portfolio, that represents the most effective way of building wealth for you.

Following the motto "customers do not want products, they want solutions", we are composing a financial plan for you, in which all investments are coordinated and thus minimize the existing risks. Our main goal is your financial freedom!

Investment Funds / ETFs

The idea of investment funds

The idea is simple and ingenious: many investors put their money together. The resulting assets can be invested cost-effectively and be managed by a professional manager or mathematical algorithm (in case of a passive fund). Depending on the fund's philosophy, it is buying real estate, fixed income or equities - regional or global.

Equity funds, bonds, real estate, money market or mixed funds and now also ETFs: Who wants to invest in funds, has the agony of choice. Therefore investors must be thoroughly informed before making a purchase - and above all clearly define their investment objective. On the long run, equity funds still promise good return opportunities. If you like safer invests, you can also use real estate or money market funds. The flip side of the coin: In good times on stock markets, the return of these funds is comparatively low.

In general: the more investors diversify their portfolio, the less risky the investment will be. A professional financial plan for your investment portfolio through Finanzberatung Nürnberg will help you with the difficult and often opaque decisions in the world of investment.

investment opportunities

There are two possibilities for asset accumulation: the one-off investment for savers, who already own and plan to invest a larger sum; the savings plan for investors, who want to start building wealth and save smaller amounts on a monthly basis.

For both types of investment counts: the longer the investment period, the lower the risk of loss and the greater the impact on the value of the assets.


Gold, tangible assets and participations

Especially for larger depots gold or other precious metals and tangible assets (such as real estate) should be not missing in times of crisis. Entrepreneurial investments or alternative investment funds can also contribute to risk diversification and, at the same time, to the return on the portfolio.

Finanzberatung Nürnberg can also help you find the best solutions for you. Whether to get a gold deposit or physical gold at home or participate in real estate - Finanzberatung Nürnberg knows where and how to protect and diversify your portfolio best!


retirement planning

Retirement wants to be planned... that does not just apply to the many things you do! Due to the lowered pension level, all of us have the need of saving something for "pension". But given the large number of offers in form of insurance, savings plans and banking products it is hard to find the best option.

Thanks to the professional help of Finanzberatung Nürnberg, you can get an overview and see which offers and products suit you and in which combination you should use them for your perfect retirement planning.