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Well advised

You are in our focus.

In order to really benefit from the advice, it must be individual, holistic and independent. They should focus on you, as a client, your wishes, needs and goals. Because you have the right to a personal, high-quality advice - in every life and financial situation. We offer this service to you.

Finanzberatung Nürnberg is your independent partner and creates a reliable and suitable pension and asset concept.


Your advantage: our independence

Imagine where you would like to be in ten years. Whatever your answer is - we recommend the financial and pension products, that will make this goals possible. As a fee-based consultant and insurance broker, we are independent of individual providers and can choose the matching products objectively.

Compare for yourself and discover the advantages, that are available to you as a customer of a fee-based consultant: unlike with insurance agents and multiple agents, we do not mediate on behalf of insurance companies, but are well versed in the entire market and find the best solution for you.


consulting strategy: fits like a good tailored suit!

Many financial service providers speak of a "comprehensive concept consulting" - only a few implement it. We know that your assets can only develop, if you are well secured and your financial future is fundamentally planned.

At the beginning of each consultation, we get to know each other intensively. You should find out who you are dealing with and what we can offer you. In return, we want to know a few things about you: What are your life circumstances, what are you planning for the future and what are the protections and assets you already have?

On basis of this data, we review the benefits and the price-performance ratio of your existing products, identify existing gaps and provide an individual, cross-divisional pension and asset concept. So you not only get individual components, that secure you in a certain segment, but get first-class products, that are tailored to your goals and desires as well as protect you in all relevant areas. And they are composed in such a way, that they are "tailor-made" for you like a tailored suit - it´s your personal financial concept!